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Without Each Other - International Women's Day

Yesterday was International Women's Day. I must say it feels special to me each year. In light of that I have decided to write some reflection on this day.

Throughout my life, I have had many times that I wished for people around me that made me feel understood and loved. I wanted to belong and no longer feel left out. I don't doubt that a lot of other children, teenagers or adults can relate to this feeling or wish.

When dealing with difficult situations or feelings, it is important that we are able to seek some support outside of ourselves. This support can consist of family or friends or anyone else we wish to share our stories with. When this support system is healthy, it allows us to share our thoughts and stories with them, to allow others to help lift the burden that has taken us. It can test certain thoughts for their legitimacy and accuracy. In other words, other people can show us a different side of reality and relieve us a bit of the hurt that we carry.

The moment we uplift and unburden each other by listening and helping one another, you can feel a certain powerful feeling of friendship and love between you. The power of love. The power of family. The power of friendship. The power of helping others.

When this group of women (in the photo above) was formed, I felt like I belonged and was supported. It was then that I learned about the power of lifting each other up. How amazing it felt to know what real support was and to feel like being a real and true friend to someone else.

"Don't think about making women fit the world — think about making the world fit women.”

- Gloria Steinem

This feeling crept up on me again yesterday when I was seeing every female or female identifying person celebrating being women together. I felt power rise from the thoughts of wanting to rise and grow together. The thought of it still brings me joy whilst writing this. It also reminds me that I can't forget that this power also exists within me. I, too, can grow and rise together with these women around me. Share my journey. Share my power. Share my life.

Days like these give the children of today hope like I have never felt before becoming an adult. I wish I had felt this kind of hope, power and sense of belonging. But I will make sure that others will always be made to feel welcome with me. No person around me should feel as lost as I was. I will be there providing a healthy support system. And I hope you will want to do that too for the people that are around you.


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