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Hiya friend, how the heck are ya?

Let's take time to get to know one another!

As you were able to read from my about page (which you obviously read), I am Eva and I am 24 years old. What do I do for a living, you ask? Well I try to stay alive mostly! But I also work a little on the side as an office manager for a tax lawyers office. Is this my dream job? Nah, but I am glad to work there whilst I am figuring out this 'life' thing I have to do. Life is difficult sometimes and unfortunately us humans have to deal with that. So that is what I am trying to do!

So what are you doing here?

Well isn't that a good question! I thought of an idea where I wanted to find more people that struggle with lots of things (sometimes) and decided to do that through the interwebs. I want to talk about my experiences, my life lessons, all things that could benefit someones else in their life and so that is why I am here. Writing this for you. As if you are interviewing me. Totally normal of course.

But this question works both ways... Maybe now would be a good time to ask yourself: what are you actually doing here? Are you searching for a platform to speak/read/learn about topics like: mental health, anxiety, depression, positivity, physical health, gratitude and other really 'fun' but important things. I could say you found the right place, but I guess only you can be the judge of that.

So what now?

Another great question! Aren't you quite the interviewer.

I invite you to stick around! Read some stuff, look at my other socials and then decide for yourself whether you want to go on this ride with me. You are always welcome to join me! And hey, we are all just trying to figure stuff out in our own way. Maybe my way can give you some comfort or knowledge. Or just a good laugh will be good enough for me! Either way, thanks for reading. Hope to see you again soon.


Hi, thanks for reading!

I recently started writing and working on positivity, gratitude and lots of other things that concern mental health. So if you want to read more about that, click this button!

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