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Dear me,

Thank you.

For keeping me alive.

For keeping me healthy.

For taking me to places I need to go.

For making me able to do what I needed to do.

For still being there and serving me, even when I was not the kindest to you for way too many years.

Thank you.

For so many years I have under appreciated you, saw you as less valuable and believed my body to not matter as much as others. Not only did I compare you to others, you always came out short on the end in my mind. Even when you are so amazing.

I am sad to see how many times I cursed you instead of praising you.

How many times I hated you instead of loving you.

How many times I hurt you instead of care for you.

It has taken so much time for me to see, but you truly take care of me. My mind, my body, my soul. Even when I am experiencing the most difficult time and I can be at war of myself, my body still supports me and keeps me safe.

I should no longer neglect you. Hate you. Hurt you. Compare you. Despise you.

I should support you. Fulfill you. Take care of you. And most of all, love you.

Love all of your emotions, feelings, imperfections, flaws, changes, curves or anything really. Because without you, I would not be alive. Without you, I wouldn't be me.

So dear me, take care of me. For me. To me.


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