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Dear me,

My heart aches for you. For your hopes, for your dreams, for you.

My heart aches for the endless times you tried and didn’t succeed.

My heart aches not just for the things that you lost, but for the things you never even tried, because you lost faith in yourself.

I am saddened to see the moments you gave up and walked away.

But I understand. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t even just ‘hard’. It almost destroyed you, so much...

Now understand me, almost is not completely.

My soul feels proud of you. Of your hopes, of your dreams, of you.

My soul is proud of you for all the times you tried and even when at first you didn’t succeed, you did not give up.

My soul is proud of you for despite all the things and confidence you lost, you still woke up each day.

I am happy to see the moments you returned and picked up where you left off.

So many years of thinking you couldn’t do it, believing you had failed, but really you had only failed in one thing. You failed by thinking you were not as strong as you really are. No longer will I allow you to think you cannot do something. No longer will I allow you to feel not good enough. No longer will I allow you to prevent yourself from trying, because of your fear of failure. Because I will no longer fail you. I will cherish you, believe you, pick you back up when you are down and be the first to cheer you on. Because that is what you deserve.

You deserve all that you want, love, do, have.

You deserve it all.


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